Our Beers

Available in 9gal Firkin and 500ml Bottles

Clean, crisp and beautifully Blonde. Pale ale and lager malts are used in the mash before single hopping with cascade, and infusing with Thai Lime leaves. Full of character yet light and easy drinking, Real beer doesn't get more refreshing than this!

An easy drinking and moreish example, putting the special back into ESB's (extra special bitter), hints of caramel woven in complex grain, balanced with mellow bitter hops ....... sit back and have a real beer, because who knows when they're going to turn up!

"WC Rocks" is a term used by local kite surfers, celebrating the quality of west coast wind and swell. Jump in and you'll find a thirst quenching malt body and undercurrents of spiced blackberry. At 3.8%abv, a great session beer so you can get back out in the surf with a clear(ish!) head... it's a hard life, WC Rocks!....

The 'Black flag', otherwise known as 'the jolly roger' was raised to identify a pirate ship to their prey in order for them to have a chance to surrender. Black flag porter is full of character with notes of coffee and chocolate and just a touch of vanilla spiced rum!

A homage to the beautiful wheat beers of Europe, The alpine flower, 'Edelweiss' meaning noble and white, is used as a metaphor for the beers purity and unique floral flavour. Brewed with nobel German hops, wheat and pilsner malt, discover this soft, light and easy drinking style with subtle corriander and bitter orange notes... Idle away the day or night with our take on this European classic!